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Lava - Quality Vacuum Sealers and Sous Vide Water Baths from Germany - direct to the UK

Our range of Lava vacuum packing machines and water baths are designed for domestic and commercial use. All of our vacuum sealers, feature top-quality German engineering and are covered by a two-year warranty. Lava vacuum sealers are suitable for home and hobby use as well as for restaurant trade and other catering businesses. We also have vacuum sealers and accessories for scientific and industrial applications. Lava have the largest range of vacuum sealers in the UK.
Vacuum packing enables food to maintain its freshness and flavour 3-5 times longer than with conventional storage methods, because oxygen is mostly excluded and doing so preserves delicate flavours and prevents freezer burn.

We have the largest range of embossed sealer bags, sous vide bags, textured vacuum rolls and accessories in the UK.

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V100 Premium - Vacuum Packing Machine V200 Premium - Vacuum Packing Machine Accessory Pack - intermediate Plus Lava Marker Pen 3 Part Lid Set Liquid Stop Roll LV.80 SELECT Sous Vide Water Bath V100 - Vacuum Sealer Bottle Tops Dry Ageing bag S X4 Lava vacuum cover for jars Dry Ageing bag M X4 Accessory Pack - Professional Plus LV.560 Sous Vide Water Bath LV.280 Sous Vide Water Bath Acrylic Set with Pump

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